How to Choose a Wedding Officiant

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How to choose your wedding officiant is one of the most commonly asked questions. No one is going to be the star of the show on your wedding day more than you, but there’s one other person who’s pretty front and center and that’s your wedding officiant. Out of all the important decisions you have to make to ensure your day goes off without a hitch, choosing the officiant that’s right for you should be at the top of your list. Here are some things to consider when searching for a perfect fit:

* Know what you want. Determining what kind of ceremony you want will help drastically narrow your search – will you turn to your local clergy for a religious ceremony, a non-traditional officiant for your modern or secular wedding or an alternative officiant who shares in your cultural background? Someone who shares and/or respects your beliefs, is trained in your customs and can understand your wants and needs will be well-equipped to share your vision and see that it happens.

* Request a meeting. Meet face to face, talk on the phone, set up a video conference, but take a moment to speak with your officiant. Hear their voice. Get a feel for their communication style. Ask yourself if this is someone you feel at ease with and can envision performing your ceremony. Through arranging a meeting you can also get a sense of how an officiant will value you as a client. Are they respectful of your time? Are they willing to do what it takes to meet your needs? Do they make a point of being available to you? If not, consider looking for someone who is.

* Communicate and ask questions. Some couples know exactly what they want their ceremony to consist of. If that’s you, be clear with your officiant. Be certain that whoever you choose is informed of your wishes and willing/able to follow through. If you are less particular about the specifics, a good officiant should be able to inform you of some options – different ceremony styles, locations, etc. as well as answer any questions on the legal aspect of your union – signing your license, state filing procedures, etc.

At South Sound Weddings we work for you! Our officiants are all experienced ordained, non-denominational ministers from diverse backgrounds. We love sharing in the joy as we marry couples from all walks of life and happily perform ceremonies of all types, be they civil, military, same-sex, religious, non-denominational or for blended families. We pride ourselves in being experts in our industry and look forward to the opportunity to help make your special day uniquely you!

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