Deanna & Melvin 08.06.2016 – Backyard Wedding in Puyallup, WA

Backyard WeddingDeanna & Melvin contacted South Sound Weddings in the Spring about officiating their small backyard wedding of their Puyallup home. Deanna worked with her wedding officiant, Meg to pull in special elements from her & Melvin’s relationship, including a unity sand pouring ceremony and special readings. Deanna was a wonderful bride to work with and she wanted her ceremony to reflect hers & Melvin’s easy going nature. Having┬átheir marriage ceremony in the backyard of their own home was something special to the two of them, as this is where they have built their relationship and memories over the past few years and were able to have all of their children, family and friends present to witness this new beginning for them. Congratulations Deanna & Melvin!

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