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Nate & Katy who eloped in Gig Harbor, WA

How to plan an elopement ceremony

When the stress of planning a large wedding gets to be too much, you might find yourself googling, “How to Elope”. Eloping is one of the growing trends in the wedding industry.  Couples who choose to elope can cut back on costs, stress and a lot of the hassle that goes into planning a formal ceremony, but there are still a few things worth considering and some preparations that should be made for your special day.  If you’ve decided that eloping is for you, consider these helpful tips to help you along your way!

  • First things first – Where will the wedding take place? Once you know where you are headed, find out what the marriage license laws are for that location. Is a license required and if so, is there a wait time?  Will an appointment be necessary and are witnesses required at the ceremony.
  • Will your elopement require travel? If so, make all the proper arrangements as soon as possible and be sure that any necessary documentation such as passports, etc. are up to date. Hiccups in travel can cause so much undue stress, best to make sure all those logistics are ironed out early on in the process.
  • What kind of photographs would you like of the day? Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you won’t want documentation of your special day. Also, having photos to show loved ones is a nice way to help others share in the day with you. This doesn’t mean you must go out and hire a professional photographer, but at least consider having someone on hand to document the experience for you.
  • Who would you like to officiate your wedding? Research officiants in your area and make sure you find someone who is able to share in your vision and help make your dream a reality.
  • What types of vows or unique touches would you like to add to the ceremony? If you are unsure, consult with your officiant.  He/she should be able to talk through some options with you ranging from traditional to trendy to culturally specific ceremony options.
  • One last thing to consider is how you would like to share the news of your elopement. A handful of your closest friends or relatives may be with you at the ceremony, but for the rest of your loved ones will you send out a post-ceremony announcement, have a party after you are settled into newlywed life or sport your new wedding bands and wait for others to take notice? Lots of feelings can surface when your loved ones find out you have eloped, and while those feelings don’t need to influence your decisions (it’s your day after all), how to share the news is still something worth considering.

At South Sound Weddings we specialize in elopement ceremonies and hope you will reach out and give us the opportunity to help make your dream day a reality!

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