It’s like rain on your wedding day

It’s like rain on your wedding day..

As we head into March, we’re shaking off the snow and cold of winter but the rainy days of spring are in full force.  For some couples committed to an outdoor ceremony, rain on your wedding day is a worst-case scenario every bit as catastrophic as Alanis Morissette makes it out to be.  You plot and plan to do everything within your power to avoid even a sprinkle, perhaps to no avail.  Others embrace Mother Nature and whatever she may throw at them, choosing to believe the old wives tale that rain on your wedding day brings good luck.  Regardless of if the rain is your best friend or worst enemy, if it’s in the forecast come wedding day you’ll want to be prepared.  Here are just a couple of suggestions to help you survive the drizzle and create wonderful memories:

Be prepared.  If rain is even a remote possibility, best to have a solid backup plan in place.  That could mean saying goodbye to your outdoor ceremony and moving things inside, but it doesn’t have to. If you plan to proceed with an outdoor ceremony regardless of the weather, keep towels on hand. If all you have is a light drizzle you can quickly wipe down seats and proceed as planned.  Should that drizzle turn into something more, be prepared with umbrellas for your wedding party and guests.  Or perhaps provide matching umbrellas for your wedding party, but ask guests to come equipped with their own should the sky appear to be gray. If umbrellas seem like a hassle you’re not willing to face, have a few canopies or wedding tents on standby to throw up if necessary.

Make it fun. Pictures from rainy day weddings are some of the most adorable ones around.  Have a talk with your photographer beforehand about how your plans might change should rain appear. Make sure you (and your wedding party?) are equipped with fun “rainy day” accessories. Add a pop of color by choosing bright umbrellas or rain boots in a unique print.  And don’t forget to have appropriate outerwear – whether it’s a classy cardigan or a trendy trench coat, outerwear is important should the wind pick up or temperatures drop.

Most of all keep an open mind and be flexible. This is a good reminder for any wedding day, but particularly so if you’re dealing with inclimate weather. Be as prepared as you can be, but don’t be alarmed if something unexpected comes up.  Enjoy the day, celebrate to the fullest and you are guaranteed to treasure the memories that you create on your rainy, special day.

It's like rain on your wedding day...

It’s like rain on your wedding day…

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