emilyyoga5of5-headshot-2-copyI started on my path to being a wedding celebrant a long time ago, although I didn’t realize it. For decades I’ve loved reading the wedding section of The New York Times, and have been reading the featured wedding out loud to my husband for years. I’ve always been curious to hear stories about how couples met and knew they were right for each other.

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant,™ I create, along with you, a personalized and unique ceremony that integrates your story, beliefs and values in a way that makes your wedding day truly meaningful and memorable. If you aren’t connected to a specific religion but consider yourself spiritual, I offer an alternative way to honor this transition in a beautiful and expressive way.

I’m also a yoga teacher and a former children’s librarian, and weaving story, personal experience and ritual comes as naturally to me as breathing does in yoga. If you like, I can also offer a pre-wedding yoga session to your wedding or bridal party.

It would be a true honor to co-create your ceremony with you and to officiate at your wedding.