Personalized elopement ceremonies are easier than you think!

Personalized elopement ceremonies

Elopement Ceremony in the woods

Personalized elopement ceremonies are easier than you think! Planning a wedding these days can be a long, drawn out process where countless decisions cause undue stress and anxiety.  Sometimes the pressure of it all can begin to weigh on couples.  Sometimes life circumstances make a long engagement impossible.  Sometimes when you know you just KNOW, and you want to act on that feeling sooner rather than later.

Whatever the reason, many couples are shaking off the pressures of the long engagements and large weddings and opting to elope.  Which, let’s be honest, often brings to mind some Hollywood depiction of a frenzied couple making a mad dash for the local courthouse. But elopements don’t have to be that at all.  If an elopement is right for you and your partner, there are so many ways to add personal touches without a lot of fuss and create lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Beyond a courthouse ceremony, elopement locations could be anything from your favorite landmark in a bustling city, to a secluded corner of the park where you first met.  You could take a hike and say, “I do” next to a towering waterfall or have a sunset on the ocean as your backdrop. If you’re struggling to make a decision, research free wedding venues in your area to get an idea of your options.

Another way to express your unique taste and style is of course, wardrobe!  If a white gown or tuxedo is important to you, there are plenty of convenient options at your disposal last minute.  Or perhaps you and your partner prefer a more casual dresscode and you opt for your favorite sundress or slacks instead.  To easily incorporate flowers, stop at the local market and pick up a bouquet on your way to the ceremony.  Or you could always venture out into the field beyond Grandpa’s barn and hand pick a charming bundle of whatever is growing wild that season.

Finally, one of the best ways to personalize your ceremony is by writing your own vows or choosing a poem or recitation that holds special meaning to you.  Additionally, more and more couples are choosing to incorporate unique elements such as a unity candle lighting into their ceremonies.

Whatever personal touches are important to you, at South Sound Weddings we specialize in officiating beautiful elopement ceremonies. We love to work with couples to create a wedding ceremony that is custom fit to meet your style and needs, helping you create memories to last a lifetime!

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