Underwater Weddings! Scuba dive your way to wedded bliss!

Are you an adventure seeker? Are you looking for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime? Maybe you should consider having your wedding underwater! Here at South Sound Weddings, we are able to provide you with such spectacular opportunity. A wedding under the sea means a gorgeous venue, your bridal party is a school of beautiful fish, and after the ceremony, you can end your day celebrating with a gourmet dinner on the beach with an artistic sunset to set the mood. In order to make this dream wedding come true, you might want to take a few lessons in scuba diving if you are not familiar with it already. Along with some lessons, good visibility and no currents would be ideal. We are certified advanced open water scuba certified and would love to officiate for you underwater! Our locations include Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and San Diego, CA and all surrounding areas.

Create a memory that will last a lifetime.scuba-wedding

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