Ways to make your wedding ceremony unique

2017.06.06 Stuart & CodyWe often get asked, what are some ways to make your wedding ceremony unique? As wedding trends move away from traditional, religious ceremonies couples are starting to incorporate new elements into their weddings to symbolize union and their lasting commitment to each other. Most of these elements are simple, affordable and easily adaptable to any ceremony style.  If you’re looking for something to personalize your wedding, here are just a few options you might consider:

Unity Candle
One well-loved tradition is the unity candle where the parents of the bride and groom light one candle, which will in turn light the candles of the bride and groom, symbolizing the joining of two families as well as the creation of a new one.  For an elopement, or if a couple wishes to keep the ceremony more intimate, the bride and groom use their lighted candles and together light a unity candle signifying their new union. This lovely ceremony can be adapted to include families or other wedding guests and adds beautiful lighting elements to a low-lit ceremony.

Unity Sand
In this symbolic ceremony, the bride and groom select two different colors of sand and pour them into one container – typically a jar or vase, which can be kept and displayed as a representation of their union.  This is a beautiful depiction of combing two lives so completely that, just like the mixed sand, they can never be separated.  Couples can be creative in their sand selection, choosing colors that have meaning (ie, green signifying new life) or bringing sand from locations that are important to the couple. 

Rose Ceremony
The rose is a universal symbol of love and using this ceremony in any form adds a beautiful element to a wedding. One common version of the rose ceremony involves the couple exchanging roses as their first gift to one another as a husband and wife. Roses can be placed in a vase and added to by other family members or guests, then displayed throughout the celebration.  In another touching version of the rose ceremony the bride and groom each present a rose to their mothers as a token acknowledgement of their love and sacrifice for their children.  Roses can be pressed and saved providing a sweet memento from the wedding.

These are just a few  options for personalizing a ceremony and officiants at South Sound Weddings are prepared to incorporate each of these unique elements or others to create a wedding that’s perfectly tailored to you.

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