Why Elope?


Couples elope for a variety of reasons. There is absolutely no reason why a couple shouldn’t be able to! First, there is a definite decrease in stress. Although there is a bit of wedding planning to do still, there is not nearly as much compared to if it would be for a large, traditional ceremony. Eloping is also less expensive as well. With the money saved from eloping, couples could have their dream wedding on the beach in Cabo, or maybe in beautiful Amsterdam! You wouldn’t have to fly your entire family and friends over, but just those who matter most to you. If you are looking to keep your elopement local, there is no need to do a courthouse wedding! We could meet you at your home or in a beloved park! With a quick and sweet ceremony, you can spend the rest of the day beginning your marriage. Eloping is a perfect way for military couples who want to get the paperwork portion out of the way. You could also wear whatever you want! The traditional white gown and black tuxedo is not a necessity for eloping. An elopement would be a nice, romantic, and private way to share how you feel with the person you love.


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